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White Balsamic - Sets of 4 x 60 ML



Taste the Difference

Four 60 ml bottles, choose from two sets

Set #1:
Blenheim Apricot
Sicilian Lemon
Cascadian Wild Raspberry
Cranberry Pear

Set #2:
Serrano Honey
Lemongrass Mint
Honey Ginger
Gravenstein Apple

One taste is all it takes. Our Infused White Balsamic products are made with the highest quality Ultra Premium White Balsamic in the world. It is denser, richer, smoother, more complex, and naturally thicker than any white “balsamic-like” products found in North America. Naturally fermented, no sugars are added. Free from additives including thickening agents, colors, dyes, and preservatives, this healthful “living product” is not heat pasteurized to preserve the healthful probiotics benefits associated with artisan fermented balsamic.

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