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Exceptional Pairs - Sets of 6 X 60 ML



Taste the Difference

Exceptional Pairs #1 and #2 - Six 60 ml bottles in each set

A “perfect pair” occurs when both components create a new and even better flavor experience. On its own Caviar has a thick sheen of salty fish oil. Add Champagne and caviar turns into a light airy pâté as each Champagne bubble explodes. In this collection we have gathered three outstanding pairs. Try them. It is an experience.

Set #1
Garlic Olive Oil plus Oregano Balsamic
Basil Olive Oil plus Strawberry Balsamic
Toasted Sesame Oil plus Lemon-Grass Mint Balsamic

Set #2
Persian Lime Olive Oil plus Honey Ginger Balsamic
Chipotle Olive Oil plus Espresso Balsamic
Roasted Walnut Oil plus Dark Raspberry Balsamic

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