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The Perfect Pair

A special collection of perfect pairs will be available soon.

A “perfect pair” occurs when both components create a new and even better flavor experience. On its own Caviar has a thick sheen of salty fish oil. Add Champagne and caviar turns into a light airy pâté as each Champagne bubble explodes. Cabernet is a rich, high tannin wine with subtle savory aromas of black pepper. Pair a peppery steak with Cabernet and the peppery aromas in the wine cling to the flavor of the steak making the wine taste more fruity. Stilton is a stinky, gooey blue cheese. Vintage Port has lots of tannin, sweetness, alcohol and acidity. When you put the two components together, they cancel the other. The Port is not so sweet and the cheese is no longer stinky. Try it. Pour a few drops of one variety in the plastic cup. Place near your nose and inhale the aroma. Dab with a bit of bread or your finger and savor the flavor. Next, add a few drops of the paired variety, taste and explore the new flavor sensations. Here are a few classics but there are many more.

Lemon White Balsamic + Tuscan Herb EVOO
Honey Ginger White Balsamic + Persian Lime EVOO
Strawberry Balsamic + Basil EVOO
Peach White Balsamic + Tuscan Herb EVOO
Grape Fruit White Balsamic + Lemon EVOO
Blackberry Ginger Balsamic + Persian Lime EVOO
Dark Chocolate Balsamic + Blood Orange EVOO
Tangerine Balsamic + Blood Orange EVOO
Lemon Balsamic + Mushroom Sage EVOO
Blueberry Balsamic + Lemon EVOO
Dark Chocolate Balsamic + Chipotle EVOO
Pumpkin Pie Spiced Balsamic + Roasted Walnut Oil
Red Apple Balsamic + Hojiblanca EVOO
Fig Balsamic + Garlic EVOO
Grapefruit White Balsamic + Herbs de Provence EVOO
Pomegranate Balsamic + Persian Lime EVOO
Strawberry Balsamic + Lemon EVOO
Red Apple Balsamic + Roasted Walnut Oil
Cinnamon Pear Balsamic + Roasted Walnut Oil
Cherry Balsamic + Lemon EVOO
Cranberry-Pear Balsamic + Persian Lime EVOO
Honey Ginger Balsamic + Lemon EVOO
Thai Lemongrass-Mint Balsamic + Toasted Sesame Oil
Thai Lemongrass-Mint Balsamic + Lemon EVOO
Thai Lemongrass-Mint Balsamic + Lime EVOO
Thai Lemongrass-Mint Balsamic + Basil EVOO
Cranberry-Pear Balsamic + Almond Oil
Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic + Gremolata EVOO
Maple Balsamic + Blood Orange Agrumato EVOO
Maple Balsamic + Roasted Walnut Oil
Vanilla Balsamic + Maple Balsamic + Toasted Almond Oil
Espresso Balsamic + Blood Orange EVOO
Oregano White Balsamic + Garlic EVOO
Oregano White Balsamic + Lemon EVOO
Jalapeno White Balsamic + Garlic EVOO
Jalapeno White Balsamic + Chipotle EVOO
Coconut White Balsamic + Roasted Sesame Seed Oil
Garlic EVOO + Butter EVOO
...and much more

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