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Solvang Olive Press Book



Taste the Difference

The More You Know the Better Everything Tastes

Once you “taste the difference,” often our overwhelmed guests ask THE BIG QUESTION;
What Next? How do I incorporate all these amazing flavors and health benefits into my families daily life?

The big challenge is transforming overwhelm into excitement, creativity and fun. Our Essential Guide to Pairing and Sharing provides the answer. This simple, easy to find guide is packed with the essential information you need to inspire your table and your life with these ‘best in the world’ flavor combinations.

The more you know, the more connections you can make, the richer your experience will be. That is the goal - for you to have the time of your life creating, exploring and sharing new flavors with the people you love.

You Can Taste the Difference


Michael Mendizza



Types & Grades of Olive Oil

Taste & Chemical Profiles

Health Benefits

Olive Varieties & Tasting

Infused Olive Oil Flavors

Basil                                     12

Butter                                  13

Chipotle                              14

Cilantro Roasted Onion   15

Garlic                                   16

Harissa                                17

Herbs de Provence           18

Milanese Gremolata        19

Olive Wood Smoked        20

Persian Lime                      21

Tuscan Herb                       22

Wild Fernleaf Dill              23

Wild Mushroom Sage      24

Fused Olive Oil Flavors

Baklouti Green Chili         26

Blood Orange                    27

Cayenne Chili (Spicy!)      28

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