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One Large 750 ML plus Two Medium 375 ML



Taste the Difference

One Large Bottle 750 ML, Plus Two Medium Bottles 375 ML

750 ML Extra Virgin Olive Oil (medium to medium-robust)
375 ML Traditional Aged Dark Balsamic
375 ML Sicilian Lemon Aged White Balsamic

Citrus and Spice
750 ML Basil Olive Oil 
375 ML Strawberry Aged Dark Balsamic
375 ML Raspberry Aged Dark Balsamic

An Asian Affair
750 ML Dark Toasted Japanese Sesame Oil
375 ML Thai Lemongrass-Mint Aged White Balsamic
375 ML Honey Ginger Aged White Balsamic

Savory and Herb (OUT OF STOCK)

750 ML Rosemary Olive Oil 
375 ML Pomegranate Aged Dark Balsamic
375 ML Mission Fig Aged Dark Balsamic

Custom Set #3 
Don’t see your favorite combinations? Have a special request? Select Custom Set. After we receive your order we will call and together create the perfect flavor combinations that meet your needs.

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